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Introduction – What Is Monetizing?

Monetizing is the process of turning a website into a business that can earn a steady stream of income. How is it possible to make money without selling anything outright? The secret to generating income with a free website is using your site to advertise and promote products or sites that in turn pay you… Read More »

Other Online Income Sources

Niche websites aren’t the only method of earning passive income online. Outlined below are 5 of the most popular & most profitable methods of making money online. Not all of them are passive, and do involve a time for money exchange, but they are profitable and can be done on your time and from the comfort of your home.


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Creating Killer Content For Your Site

Content is the backbone of your web business. It is why users visit your site, what search engines use to rank your site, and can ultimately make or break your business. To understand the role content plays lets go back to the content = product analogy: no matter how much you advertise, how beautiful your store is,… Read More »

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Useful Plugins

There are a few useful plugins you need to install to help your websites ranking. These are free add-ons to your site that serve various purposes. These plugins here are all behind the scenes plugins, in other words they don’t change how the site looks, that help with search engine optimization & managing your site.… Read More »

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Setting Up Hosting & Installing WordPress

For the sake of this tutorial I’ll be using Justhost. It’s the host I recommend because I’ve been using them for years and can vouch for their service. The general steps shown here are relatively the same for most hosting services although some minor details, such as menu names, might be different. There are of course… Read More »

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