Introduction – What Is Monetizing?

By | September 16, 2013

Monetizing is the process of turning a website into a business that can earn a steady stream of income. How is it possible to make money without selling anything outright? The secret to generating income with a free website is using your site to advertise and promote products or sites that in turn pay you for your service. Many websites also offer digital products such as pictures or e-book that are sold outright, but require no shipping or handling and no direct involvement to complete the sale.

Some of the most common ways of Monetizing a website:

All these are tried and proven methods that are very effective, and can easily be used together when needed. The simplest methods for beginners are AdSense (PPC) & Affiliate marketing, especially for a new site. To sell private ad space it’s important to be able to show a decent level of traffic as most companies won’t be willing to dish out for advertising on an unproven site.

Google AdSense/pay-per-click advertising


Contextual advertising is one of the most basic ways to monetize a website. This is also known as pay-per-click advertising, if a user clicks on the link, you get paid x amount of money. It’s that simple.

The amount varies depending on the keyword, but you can expect an average of about $0.20- 0.50 per click depending on the demographic and in some instances is as much as a dollar per click. Although the payout per-click isn’t very high, the fact that no sale is required makes this a truly passive income source and can easily add up to a decent monthly sum of money.

Doing the Math:

Let’s imagine the ads relevant to your site pay .50 per click, 20 clicks a day would equal $10.00. (Note that it only requires your user to CLICK not purchase or sign up for anything.)
That would average about $300.00 a month with AdSense alone.

Affiliate Marketing

Render of a Affiliate Marketing Concept.


Affiliate marketing can be defined as promoting a product in exchange for a percentage of  whatever sales are generated through your site. The percentage of the commission varies by company and product. This is one of the most profitable ways of monetizing as site as the commissions on a good affiliate program can be as high as 75% of the sale. This is also a truly passive form of income as the company whose product or service you promote deals with all aspects of customer relations, shipping & returns, and your only part in the process is offering a link or banner ad on your page & promoting the product.

Doing the Math:

You have a website that offers quick weight-loss advice to soon-to-be brides. You promote affiliate products that pertain to your niche, such as

If a visitor to your site navigates to one of the sites you promote and purchases a product you early a commission, lets say you make five sales a week that earn you a $12.00 commission each (a relatively low commission, depending on what the product is.)


That would mean a total of $60.00 per/week or $240 per month from that affiliate alone. Note you can promote as many affiliate products as you like on a page or website.

Selling E-books & digital products Smartphone with bookshelf - e-book library concept

Writing and selling your own e-books is another effective way to monetize your website as well as start building a client list. Although this avenue isn’t for everyone the advantage here is twofold: you get keep 100% of the earnings (meaning more money faster) & being published, even self-published, gives you the almost automatic status of an expert within your field or niche. This can drive more users to your site & ultimately help you build a solid fan-base.

Doing the Math:

Selling digital products is by far the easiest form of passive income to understand for a new comer.

Continuing the fitness theme, you write an e-book outlining various flash diets, cleanses and work out programs to loose those last 5 pounds fast.
You sell it on your site for $19.99, requiring an e-mail to send the download link to.

If you sell 3 books a week , a very conservative number, that is $239.88 a month.

Private AdvertisementsYour AD Here Concept

Another way of making money with your niche website is to rent advertising space to other sites or businesses for a monthly fee. This is usually best pursued once you have a steady flow of users to show, as most companies won’t want to invest in advertising on a new unproven site.

Doing the Math:

The price of advertisement space depends on a variety of factors, the primary one being how much traffic your site gets & how responsive your users are.

If your website is getting 500 visitors a day, you could charge around $50.00 a month for an ad.

Tips For Success

To make the most out of your website it’s a good idea to use several methods together on the same site. AdSense ads don’t take up much space and can easily be included on every page. It is also rather simple to include an area for advertising for Affiliate products. Many blogs and websites also create content around products they are promoting.

An example of this would be top ten lists, ‘Top Ten Web Hosts of 2012”, “Top Ten Pet Gifts This Christmas”, “Top Ten Must Reads of 2013”. These types of articles are not only very popular and perfectly suited to the internet marketing, but they provide you with 10 affiliate opportunities that could possible generate income.

Doing the Math:

Using AdSense, affiliate marketing, ebooks & paid advertising together would equal $829.88 dollars a month. Keep in mind that these numbers are a very conservative estimate of what is possible.


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