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By | September 16, 2013

Niche websites aren’t the only method of earning passive income online. Outlined below are 5 of the most popular & most profitable methods of making money online. Not all of them are passive, and do involve a time for money exchange, but they are profitable and can be done on your timeĀ and from the comfort of your home. Some, like e-commerce, or content writing can be as time-hungry, or more so, than a regular 9-5. I’ve included them here though just to give you as much information as possible on the topic of making money online.

Selling Stock Photography

Making money online selling stock photography is a great option for all you hobbyists out there who already have the equipment and would like to start earning some cash selling your pictures. Stock Photography sites like istockphoto.com or dreamstime.com offer photographers the chance to do just that, sign up is free of charge as is selling uploading your pictures for sale, so it is almost completely risk free & you can get a 15-60% commission for your work

. Bear in mind that many these sites require high quality work and won’t accept images that have a lot of noise or are over corrected in photo editing programs, so having decent equipment is a big plus.

Write Articles for Content Farms & Blogs

Writing articles for article submission sites is another way of earning a passive income online. Article farms, such as suite101.com and infobarrel.com. The way this works is that the author, you, write an article. It can be about most anything, gardening, gadgets, technology, cooking, etc.

The document is then submitted for review, this is where they test it for quality and make sure it is original. If it passes the document is posted to the site.
When your document is posted the site places ads on the page, both banner ads and pay-per-click. If a reader clicks on one of the ads or links on your document, you receive a percentage of the profits.

The advantage to this method is that you don’t need a website, and it requires no investment other than the time needed to write the articles. The downside is that you need quite a few articles to make any money, 50 articles might make you a few hundred dollars a month.


Writing & selling e-books

Writing and publishing your own e-books is a great way to make some cash with little to no overhead! If you have a marketable skill, niche hobby, unusual life experience or simply a story that you would like to share with the world while making some extra cash this might be the way to go! Amazon.com offers some invaluable resources for anyone interested in self-publishing without owning and managing your own site.

YouTube – Tutorials, Funny Animals & Babies

Making money with YouTube.com is another tool in the passive income arsenal! I know most tend to think of it as a place to go watch funny videos, or see the newest music videos but there really is so much more than that, and with the new monetization options can offer an alternate way of making some residual income.
Of course, you’ll probably have to have a few goes at it, and like anything it’ll be trial and error for a while, but a little persistence can really pay off. Of course, in order to be eligible for monetization on youtube.com you have to be sure all your content is not only original, but that you own the rights to all scenes shown and/or have permission from everyone shown in the video to post it.


Perhaps the most obvious way of making money online is e-commerce, or basically selling items via the internet. This is of course, not in passive as it involves shipping, dealing with disgruntled customers or questions. This could mean opening your own online store or selling items via eBay, amazon or another similar portal.

While this can be an excellent source of income, it does demand a good amount of time as it would fall to you to handle inventory, orders, packaging and shipping in a timely manner, as well as handling returns and/or customer complaints. But, if you do have the time or inclination, check out some great resources to get started!

This form of online business is of course the least passive of the lineup and more closely resembles a stone and mortar business. The only difference being that there is no time to open and closed the virtual store. This method of course requires shipping, products, and possibly a staff to make money.


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